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Selected Scientific Publications

Research Papers

Catry P, Senhoury C, Sidina E, ..., Patrício AR. 2022. Satellite tracking and field assessment highlight major foraging site for green turtles in the Banc d'Arguin, Mauritania. Biological Conservation 277


Beal M, Catry P, Regalla A, ..., Patrício AR. 2022. Satellite tracking reveals sex-specific migration distance in green turtles (Chelonia mydas). Biology Letters 18 (9).


Ventura F, Catry P, Dias MP, ..., Granadeiro JP. 2022. A central place foraging seabird flies at right angles to the wind to jointly optimize locomotor and olfactory search efficiency. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 289 (1981). 


Patrício AR, Beal M, Barbosa C, ..., Catry P. 2022. Green Turtles Highlight Connectivity Across a Regional Marine Protected Area Network in West Africa. Frontiers in Marine Science 9.


Gillford T, Padget O, Maurice L, Catry P. 2022. Unexpectedly deep diving in an albatross. Current Biology 32 (1). 

Ventura F, Granadeiro JP, Lukacs PM, Kuepfer A, Catry P. 2021. Environmental variability directly affects the prevalence of divorce in monogamous albatrosses. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288(1963).

Gatt MC, Furtado R, Granadeiro JP, Lopes D, Pereira E, Catry P. 2021. Untangling causes of variation in mercury concentration between flight feathers. Environmental Pollution 269. 

Ventura F, Granadeiro JP, Padget O, Catry P. 2020. Gadfly petrels use knowledge of the windscape, not memorized foraging patches, to optimize foraging trips on ocean-wide scales. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287, 20191775.


Campioni L, Dias MP, Granadeiro JP, Catry P. 2019. An ontogenetic perspective on migratory strategy of a long-lived pelagic seabird: timings and destinations change progressively during maturation. Journal of Animal Ecology 89: 29-43.

Correia E, Granadeiro JP, Mata VA, Regalla A, Catry P. 2019. Trophic interactions between migratory seabirds, predatory fishes and small pelagics in Coastal West Africa. Marine Ecology Progress Series 622: 177-189.

Patrício AR, Varela MR, Barbosa C, Broderick AC, Catry P, Hawkes LA, Regalla A, Godley BJ. 2019. Climate change resilience of a globally important sea turtle nesting population. Global Change Biology 25: 522-535.

Alonso H, Granadeiro JP, Dias MP, Catry T, Catry P. 2018. Fine-scale tracking and diet information of a marine predator reveals the origin and contrasting spatial distribution of prey. Progress in Oceanography 162: 1-12.

Patrício AR, Marques A, Barbosa C, Broderick AC, Godley BJ, Hawkes LA, Rebelo R, Regalla A, Catry P. 2017. Balanced primary sex ratios and resilience to climate change in a major sea turtle population. Marine Ecology Progress Series 577: 189-203. 

Alonso H, Granadeiro JP, Waap S, Xavier J, Symondson WOC, Ramos JA, Catry P. 2014. An holistic ecological analysis of the diet of Cory’s shearwaters using prey morphological characters and DNA barcoding. Molecular Ecology 23: 3719-3733.


Catry P, Dias MP, Phillips RA, Granadeiro JP. 2013. Carry-over effects from breeding modulate the annual cycle of a long-distance migrant: an experimental demonstration. Ecology 94: 1230-1235.


Catry P, Lemos R, Brickle P, Phillips RA, Matias R, Granadeiro JP. 2013. Predicting the distribution of a threatened albatross: the importance of competition, fisheries and annual variability. Progress in Oceanography 110: 1-10. PDF


Granadeiro JP, Phillips RA, Brickle P, Catry P. 2011. Albatrosses following fishing vessels. How badly hooked are they on an easy meal? PLoS ONE 6: e17467 PDF


Dias MP, Granadeiro JP, Phillips RA, Alonso H, Catry P. 2011. Breaking the routine: individual Cory’s shearwaters shift winter destinations between hemispheres and across ocean basins. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 278: 1786–1793. PDF


Catry P, Barbosa C, Paris B, Indjai B, Almeida A, Limoges B, Silva C, Pereira H. 2009. Status, ecology and conservation of sea turtles in Guinea-Bissau. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 8: 150-160


Catry P, Phillips R, Phalan B, Croxall JP. 2006. Senescence effects in an extremely long-lived bird: the grey-headed albatross Thalassarche chrysostoma. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 273: 1625-1630


Votier SC, Furness RW, Brearhop S, Crane JE, Caldow RWG, Catry P, Ensor K, Hamer KC, Hudson AV, Kalmbach E, Klomp N, Pfeiffer S, Phillips RA Thompson DR. 2004. Changes in fisheries discard rates and seabird communities. Nature 427: 727-730



Catry P, Barbosa C, Indjai B. 2010. Tartarugas marinhas da Guiné-Bissau - Estatuto, biologia e conservação. Instituto da Biodiversidade e das Áreas Protegidas, Bissau. PDF


Catry P, Costa H, Elias G, Matias R. 2010. Aves de Portugal - Ornitologia do Território Continental. Assírio & Alvim, Lisboa. 943pp.


Meirinho A, Barros N, Oliveira N, Catry P, Lecoq M, Paiva V, Geraldes P, Granadeiro JP, Ramírez I, Andrade J. 2014. Atlas das Aves Marinhas de Portugal. Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves, Lisboa.

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